Peter Bassett Fras: Attracting & Looking After Hedgehogs B&w: A Guide for All Ages

Attracting & Looking After Hedgehogs B&w: A Guide for All Ages


Black & White version. Hedgehog populations are in serious decline in many places. This book is dedicated to improving the quality of life of hedgehogs and increasing the chances of survival in towns. This is not about turning hedgehogs into pets but how to make our gardens more interesting and safe for them and reverse the population trend. This is an internet linked book with its own website and links to you-tube clips etc. Signed copies and other books by this author available via at a slightly lower cost too. There will always be someone more experienced and qualified than anyone in any field. This is my accumulation of over 10 years of experience of handling wild hedgehogs along with advice from a wildlife hospital, a vet, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and reading several other related books. I have a book out on Satellite Spotting after accumulating 40 years of experience; no doubt, someone with 50 years experience will bring a book out too. Note; this is an economy black & white version. A colour copy of the same book is also available. This is printed by Amazon, I can't control the quality of the print myself.

Young girls will love this book about a ballerina in Paris. Monsieur Degas likes to paint the students while they practice in ballet class, they've inspired many of his beautiful paintings. But one day he mistakenly leaves his bag of paints in the dance studio and takes a young ballerina's bag instead, which contains her new tutu for the evening's recital! And so the ballerina begins a great chase to find Degas before her big night. While she searches the streets of Paris, the ballerina encounters many other Impressionist painters who are in the process of painting some Attracting & Looking After Hedgehogs B&w: A Guide for All Ages free ebook of their great works. Monet, Renoir, Caillebotte and Cassatt help the ballerina until she is reunited, at last, with Degas. Featuring the original paintings by the Impressionists which inspired this picture book of historical fiction, along with an author's note about Impressionism and this vibrant period in Paris, "Chasing Degas" will delight young lovers of art and ballet.

Author: Peter Bassett Fras
Number of Pages: 76 pages
Published Date: 27 Dec 2014
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781505805734
Download Link: Click Here


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